• Molten Balls and Whistles

    Molten Balls and Whistles

    Molten Basketball Advanced Basketball Technology Molten Advanced Basketball Technologies “A dream basketball” that allows every athlete to realize his or her full potential. Molten Flat-Pebble Surface We’ve modified the usual pebble surface into a flatter finish. The result? Increased area of contact, giving you grip and control like you’ve never experienced. FIBA OFFICIAL MATCH BALL Item Number: BGL7 Number of […]

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  • You Can Now Improve Your Basketball Skills

    You Can Now Improve Your Basketball Skills

    BASKET 1: JUMPSOLES V5.0 VERTICAL JUMP & SPEED TRAINING SYSTEM SGD $350.00 6pcs Bundle SGD $1,980.00 For more information call 67780877 or email to enquiry@ashmedia.com.sg Jumpsoles are the world’s most popular tool for increasing your vertical jump. Jumpsoles are plyometric platforms that attach to your shoes. Jumpsoles focus your body weight onto your calves and train you to spring off […]

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  • Product Launch: Turning Point 001 Basketball Shoes

    Product Launch: Turning Point 001 Basketball Shoes

     [Singapore,1 March 2012] – The Turning Point is designed to reflect the playing style of NBA shooting guard Evan Turner. Li-Ning’s team of designers and product engineers collaborated with Evan to design and develop a shoe that addresses the versatility of Evan’s game. Set in a high top sneaker, the model dons a mostly black upper with touches of patent, […]

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  • Effective Hydration

    Effective Hydration

    The hot humid weather in Singapore makes it challenging to keep cool while running. The body loses water in its effort to keep cool and along with it the salt as well. It is important to maintain the fluid and salt balance in the body to ensure it performs well in a race and to avoid heat illnesses. DO’S Plan […]

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  • If The Shoes Fit, Wear It.

    If The Shoes Fit, Wear It.

    Do you know that it takes between 800 to a 1000 steps to run a mile for the average person? With all this impact, the running shoe is the single most important piece of equipment for a runner. What then to look for in a running shoe? Size: Badly fitted shoes can lead to blisters, corns and blackened toe-nails. Try […]

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  • APL Joins Forces With Team Flight Brothers

    APL Joins Forces With Team Flight Brothers

    Los Angeles (June 28, 2011) – Athletic Propulsion Labs announced today an exciting, new sponsorship agreement with Team Flight Brothers. Known as the world’s best dunkers, Team Flight Brothers has been selected as the official team to wear the revolutionary APL® basketball shoes with the patent-pending Load ‘N Launch™ technology designed to instantly increase vertical leap up to 3.5 inches. […]

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  • NBA-India’s Troy Justice holds camp for coaches and players in Kerala

    NBA-India’s Troy Justice holds camp for coaches and players in Kerala

    Troy Justice, the Director of Basketball Operations of NBA-India, held a three-day basket ball clinic concluded at the Central Stadium at Thiruvanathpuram which concluded on Wednesday, June 8th. The clinic brought together 100 coaches and 40 players from around Kerala. “The clinic was organised by Kerala Basketball Association (KBA) with the help of Kerala State Sports Council (KSSC). Troy came […]

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  • Dirk’s Crazy Training Routine

    Dirk’s Crazy Training Routine

    Ron Jenkins/MCTDirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks open the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat on Tuesday at 9 p.m. On the morning of May 21, the ESPN crew working inside the TV truck on the loading dock at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City looked up at their monitors to behold an extraordinary sight. They were there to merely […]

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  • Sneakerpedia Launches Today

    Sneakerpedia Launches Today

    After a successful beta run that began in December 2010, Sneakerpedia officially launches tonight in NYC. Here’s a portion of the release from Foot Locker on the site and what it’s all about. “NEW YORK, May 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Hundreds of sneaker collectors, enthusiasts and influencers from around the world will join together in New York City tonight to […]

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  • The Jump-Shot

    The Jump-Shot

    By JULIAN YANG The jump-shot is one of the finer points of basketball techniques. Jump-shots, or ‘jumpers’, as commonly known, are fast in execution and high in the height of release. These two factors make it more effective and potent as weapons for any offense. It is harder to anticipate and block. Players who want to develop an effective jump-shot […]

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