• The Hustle Guy

    The Hustle Guy

    Chad Livingston from team Victorious Secret is an imposing figure with height and a powerful built. It is hard to miss him on the court when he’s playing, not because of his size but because of how this guy plays the game. Example: Chad drives in for the shot, he gets knocked down by a defender in mid-air, he misses […]

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  • Jammers League – Starting Five

    Jammers League – Starting Five

    The Jammers International Men’s League has over 500 players spread throughout the weekday and weekend teams. There is no shortage of talent here, as players of all nationalities and ages play in the league. The best players not only show us their individual talent, but also bring their teams up with their skills. Let us look at five of the […]

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  • Supers-men of the Jammers League

    Supers-men of the Jammers League

    Team CSM Supers had a double championship season in their first foray into the Jammers International Men’s League (Weekday). They won the regular season with a 13-1 winning record (with their only loss to the Jammers team) and just brought home the championship title in the exciting playoff finals played against rivals Outlaws on 24 November 2010. The team comprises […]

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  • Keeping Fit After 30… for Ballers

    Keeping Fit After 30… for Ballers

    Fellow Ballers, This article is about keeping FIT and enjoying your bball after you turn 30, 35, 40! There is simply no reason why you cant be playing pain free at a reasonably high level (fitness wise) even after you turn 35 or 40, and DEFINITELY no reason why you can’t do it after you turn 30. “Getting Old” is […]

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  • This is Sparta!

    This is Sparta!

    You probably won’t get to hear a war cry like this when you meet the Spartans in the Jammers International Men’s League, but you will definitely be meeting a bunch of guys whose passion for the game transcends their age. On average, the Spartans team is the oldest team in the league, with most of its players between 30-40 years […]

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  • 5 Types of Teammates

    5 Types of Teammates

    Basketball is a team sport and teammates come in all shapes, sizes and character. It is often interesting to hear some of the stories about them. Here are some of the stereotypes that we may hear or personally know of. Type 1: The Sorry Man This guy is someone you can’t really hate, but sometimes you may want to strangle […]

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  • Hoops in Different Flavors

    Hoops in Different Flavors

    Article by: Wesley Platon Much has been said about the universality of basketball. USA may be the Mecca of hoops – but the rest of the world has quickly caught up. Gone are the days where Team USA can dominate an entire tournament without calling a single timeout (yep, that really happened with Chuck Daly and 1992 Dream Team).  Having […]

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  • 5 Challenges of a Team Manager

    5 Challenges of a Team Manager

    Like the saying goes, it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. Most, if not all teams playing in the Jammers International Men’s League, have their own team managers to run the show. Some are 2-in-1s, playing both the role of team manager & captain. Some are even 3-in-1s, manager-captain-star player. But most team managers in league teams are […]

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  • The Ultimate Basketball Warrior: Jason Tan (Jammers)

    The Ultimate Basketball Warrior: Jason Tan (Jammers)

    In his job, Jason Tan Cheong Hwai is decked in typical working attire, sitting in his office doing accounts. He is also a family man who has two beautiful daughters. Beneath his deskbound identity, you may not notice the basketball jersey peering out from under his shirt and those blue Air Foamposites he has on his feet. Jason is an […]

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  • The Smiling Assassin – Inaba Shunsuke (Team J)

    The Smiling Assassin – Inaba Shunsuke (Team J)

    Playing in the Jammers International Men’s League (Weekend) for the third season, Team J (short for Japan) is a team that every opponent loves to play against. A team that prides itself on playing fundamental and clean basketball, Team J has their Team Sportsmanship Award (voted by peers) to show for this. Their star player, Inaba Shunsuke (donning jersey # […]

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