• Hall of The Worm

    Hall of The Worm

    I was 11 when I first decided to give the game of basketball a chance. I wasn’t very inspired and wasn’t very good. I played mostly in the Ridgewood Dorm basketball court in my boarding school, a court that had some of the most unique dimensions I have ever experienced: two nine-and-half-feet high baskets, separated on a not-so-straight open court, […]

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  • India To Take Part In Innovative Beach Basketball Competition

    India To Take Part In Innovative Beach Basketball Competition

    Different twist, same game: if you haven’t paid attention to International Beach Basketball yet, it might just be time to start. India will be sending both Men and Women Senior basketball teams to the 1st South Asian Beach Games that will be held in Hanbantota, Sri Lanka, from October 8-16, 2011. India will be amongst eight South Asian countries taking […]

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  • Aftershocks of a Draft

    Aftershocks of a Draft

    So the NBA Draft is over, and a bunch of young players have bolstered mostly weak rosters, but unfortunately, the future of the league is an uncertain as it has ever been. It doesn’t help that, with the Lockout (#LWord) looming, some of the best young players such as Harrison Barnes, Perry Jones, and Jared Sullinger decided to skip the […]

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  • 2011 NBA Finals Prediction: Heat vs Mavs, the Sequel

    2011 NBA Finals Prediction: Heat vs Mavs, the Sequel

    Before we talk about the present, it’s important that we talk about the past. Five years ago – May/June 2006 – and the last two remaining teams in the NBA were the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. The Heat, with their young superstar Dwyane Wade (who was just finishing his third year in the league) and with still not-washed-up […]

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  • Interview with Brandon Jennings In India

    Interview with Brandon Jennings In India

    Brandon Jennings isn’t exactly the typical NBA star. While most of the NBA’s best players follow a similar path to stardom (High school star, College star, lottery pick in the draft, and then, slowly growing into a productive NBA player), Jennings took a different route that took him from the West to East to the West, and in this journey, […]

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  • 2011 Conference Finals Predictions

    2011 Conference Finals Predictions

    I realise that, unlike my past prediction article, this one has a weird timing around it – after all, the Conference Finals have already technically begun, as the Bulls have destroyed the Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals already. But you have to blame Oprah Winfrey for that one: between the last game of the 2nd round […]

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  • TJ Sahi: ‘Air India’ still taking flight

    TJ Sahi: ‘Air India’ still taking flight

    There are few personalities in Indian basketball as simultaneously exciting and enigmatic, unifying and divisive, and polarising in every sense of the word, as Talwinderjit Singh “TJ” Sahi. Fans know of him as the explosive dunker, as the man with one of the quickest crossover dribbles in the country, as a man who stood face to face against Chinese superstar […]

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  • Denver Nuggets – All For One

    Denver Nuggets – All For One

    It’s been around three weeks since the trade deadline, and the new pieces that were roughly reshuffled on Feb 24 are now starting to show some shape with adjusting to their new teams. But out of all the teams involved in major trades at the deadline – Hawks, Celtics, Cavs, Nets, Knicks, Thunder, Blazers, Jazz, and Wizards, it has been […]

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  • Jayasankar Menon: A Hoops Odyssey

    Jayasankar Menon: A Hoops Odyssey

    Imagine you’re in the theatre. The drama on stage is the tale of a legend. You have heard about him before, maybe even seen him, but what you know is only a rumour or story. But now, you’re going to see the action for yourself. Like every good character-based drama, this one starts with a life-changing moment for our hero, […]

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  • NBA + London = Winning

    NBA + London = Winning

    When was the last time you saw the entire basketball world excited about a Raptors-Nets game? No seriously, when? Back in the Vince Carter/Jason Kidd era, probably. I admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Raptors before my favourite player from 10 years ago, Carter, turned a little too soft himself. But last week, the two teams fighting […]

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