Interview with Chris Garnett, Brunei’s Player of the Week for Week 15

Eurobasket had the chance to sit and talk with week 15 player of the week, Christopher Garnett (211-C-80, college: Indiana SE), to get his thoughts on this, the second season of the ABL & also his thoughts on the future. Eu: Chris, thank you for sitting down with us. How have you found this past season in SouthEast Asia? It was not too long ago that you left your mark on this part of the world playing in South Korea with the KBL sides SK Knights & the KTF Magic Wings. How has this return to this region been to you? Chris: The season was a bit shorter than most, but overall, it was a positive experience. The culture in southeast asia is very family oriented and makes for a really fulfilling basketball experience--returning to asia was fun. I really love playing all throughout asia, and I was able to jump back into my statistical prowess pretty quickly and easily. Eu: With SK Knights & KTF, you were annually selected for post season award, signing a contract to play in the Asian Championships in '09, and also going deep into the playoffs in years past, all based o your on-court exploits. What differed this season for you? Chris: Well, this was one of the few times where winning didn't come so easy, lol.....also, there were a lot of different levels of talent, basketball iq, and athleticism on the court at the same time, and that was quite an adjustment. Eu: Please detail for us, why u decided to bring your talents to Brunei after such storied successes throughout the globe? Chris: In a nut shell: I've always wanted to play for fiba expert coach, Ozell Wells. Over the past few years, our schedules never allowed the opportunity for us to work together until now. So, I jumped at the door of opportunity. He has helped my career so much, and I have learned so much from him on and off the court through his coaching, teaching, and guidance. It was a no-brainer. EU: How have u found the level of play here in the ASEAN League comparatively? You have played all over the world and excelled everywhere that you have gone. How does the ABL? Chris: obviously, it's not on the level of europe or korea, but the league is quite new and will get better over time. However, what''s good to know is you're going toe to toe with another american who is just as good or better than you are. This past season, I have seen and played against american imports that are head and shoulders better than some that I've played against in europe. So, there are no easy stats, easy victories, or guarantees. EU: The season has concluded for the Barracudas, having missed out on the quarterfinals by 3 games. How close do u feel the team was to reaching the playoffs? What if any predictions do u have on the ABL playoffs, as you did face each team and received a very good view of what can do what? Chris: I feel that we played tough games, taking into consideration that the games we lost were in overtime, by 7 or less points. Also, illnesses kept the majority of our team from being allowed to play in an easy, winnable game. Being the only team in the league to play only 5 players (no substitutes available), we were at a disadvantage the moment fouls were called against our team. I think the playoffs will be very interesting. You have some real game changers in avenido leonidez (186-g), nakiea miller (205-c-79, college: iona), gabe pruitt (193-g-86, college: usc), and jason dixon (205-c-73, college: liberty). So if the games are close, get your popcorn ready. My prediction is singapore will top the abl this season. Eu: What can we expect from you now that the mid-season transfer period is kicking into high gear? Chris: I've received offers from numerous countries such in europe & in dubai, mexico, japan, china, and others. I'm still undecided about the country of my transition right now. I'm going to ponder a little longer on the options available to me. EU: How has the adjustment been for you, now that you are a seasoned veteran player? Detail the changes that you have had to make from your first years as a European player? What if any are the differences between European Basketball (Bulgaria/Turkey/Romania) and ball here in the Asian Zone (Korea, Brunei, Mid East countries)? Chris: adjustments are mostly mental. During my rookie year in the fiba euroleague, I played with a lot of emotion. Over the years, I began playing the game from a mental standpoint. If you can conquer the game mentally, the physical aspect can be a breather. I recommend that all athletes and coaches read the book called 'mind gym' by gary mack & david casstevens. It delves into the importance of the mind game. Some differences in european and asian style basketball are the speed of the game and some of the rules. Korea, china, and japan are very fast, up-tempo leagues; lots of 3-pointers; korea and china use nba rules. Europe can be a bit slower than asia as far as tempo, but the talent level in europe is second to none. I think that europe is hands down the best talent outside of the nba. Also, europe use fiba rules, and it's a bit of a difference regarding the 'no 3-second rule' on defense. So, you rarely get any 1-on-1 play. Very tactical. EU: What can we expect from you in the future? There is talk of a development program in the US, we have been told? Chris: a lot more basketball and, hopefully, more additions to my professional championship collections. EU: Are there any last words or thoughts to your many fans both in Europe, Asia and the US? Chris: .I would like to give a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of the fans around the world for their time, kindness, encouragement, and tremendous support. You, the fans, make my job much more enjoyable when I step out on that court, and I hear the excitement in your voices and read your enthusiastic signs which will forever plant memorable experiences of you deep into my heart and soul. You have said many wonderful things about me, and you are by far some of the greatest fans in the world, and it has been a great privilege indeed to entertain you from the sports arena. Im glad that I have this special opportunity to thank each and every one of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you EU: Chris, thank you so much for taking the time to sit with us! We at Eurobasket also want to wish Chris continued success & prosperity in his future endeavors, as we look to hear many more great tings from him & about him in the seasons to come!   

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